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Alghony academy is an online learning platform that improves access to international education for all Indonesians



E-Learning for Indonesians, in Indonesian.
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  • Educational technology app for Indonesians in the Indonesian Language.
  • Enormous market opportunity within the 4th most populous country (273.5 million people).
  • 113 million Indonesians are estimated to require retraining by 2030.
  • 55 million students enrolled in educational institutions across Indonesia.


To meet the needs of a changing global economy, an estimated 113 million Indonesians will need to learn new skills by 2030.

E-learning is accessible, affordable and effective. However, most existing online courses are difficult for Indonesians because they are taught in English.

Indonesians need a simple way to learn global skills.


Alghony: An E-Learning platform, built for Indonesians, in the Indonesian Language.

Indonesia is set to be one of the largest global digital economies. Our courses, available in Bahasa Indonesia, are tailored to the learning styles of Indonesians.


A comprehensive learning platform for Indonesians

We will partner with leading universities and top experts to teach courses in professional studies, management, programing, technology, literature, and many other subjects.



Alghony sells memberships and courses access to companies, education providers, and individuals.

  • Forward thinking companies: Companies that are focused and want to train a skilled workforce to take their business to the next level.
  • Education Providers: Universities, high schools, and trade schools, who purchase memberships on behalf of their students.
  • Ambitious individuals: People looking to get ahead of the curve by learning new and essential skills.

Business Model:

Recurring revenue through monthly subscriptions or- Outright purchase of a course.

For Educational Providers and Companies (B2B)

  • Monthly recurring fee per membership:
    • 1 year subscription period, $8 per month, per user. ($96 a year)
    • 6 month subscription period, $10 per month, per user. ($60 for 6 months)
  • Course Purchase:
    • $20 per user, per course.

For Individuals (B2C)

  • Monthly recurring fee per membership:
    • 1 year subscription period, $10 per month. ($120 a year)
    • 6 month subscription period, $15 per month. ($90 for 6 months)
    • 3 month subscription period, $20 per month. ($60 for 3 months)
  • Course Purchase:
    • $30 per course.


From teachers and universities:

  • Unlimited use license: We acquire the right to use our translation of the course without restriction.
  • Pay per view: We pay based on the courses popularity, much like how Spotify pays artists.

In House Production:

  • We work with experts to create our own content. Think of these courses like our version of Netflix and Amazon Prime originals.


The Indonesian E-Learning Market is huge and growing by 24.9% annually.

Alghony is targeting the Indonesian online education market, which is estimated to be worth $112 Million in 2021 and growing at 24.9% annually.

We are targeting a sector consisting of around 130 million Indonesians, and we look to capture 10% of market within 3 years.


Most competitors in Indonesia offer courses taught by top Indonesian experts. What differentiates us is that we provide the experience of learning abroad while also breaking down the language barrier that prevents Indonesians from accessing global knowledge.


We aim for Alghony to be the primary platform for Indonesians to access global courses. We want every course, from Digital Advertising to Philosophy 101, to be available on our platform.

In the future, we plan to enter the Indonesian K-12 student market. There are currently 25M+ primary school students, 9M+ secondary school students, and 4M+ high school students in Indonesia. We want to offer courses that will help them succeed in school and improve their knowledge.


Meet our Founders

Tsamara Amany Alatas, CEO (@TsamaraDKI)

Tsamara served as Vice-Chairwoman of the Indonesian Solidarity Party prior to founding Alghony. As a 19 year old student, Tsamara argued in front of the constitutional court in Indonesia. In 2019, she ran for parliament as the youngest legislative candidate and received the second most votes in her electoral district. Tsamara believes that business can be a powerful tool for effecting social change, and is building Alghony to fill the educational gaps in Indonesia. She is currently pursuing a Masters degree at New York University.

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My Journey as a Politician

Dr. Ismail Alatas, Chief Academic Officer (@ifalatas)

Ismail Fajrie Alatas is assistant professor of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, and History at New York University and an associate editor of the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society. He holds a Ph.D. in Anthropology and History from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. His research explores the intersections of religious authority, social formation, mobility, semiotics and communicative practice with a focus on Islamic Law, Sufism, and the Ḥaḍramī diaspora in Indonesia (that is, those who trace their origins to the Ḥaḍramawt valley of Southern Yemen). He is the author of What is Religious Authority? Cultivating Islamic communities in Indonesia (Princeton University Press, 2021). He has also published numerous articles, among others, in Comparative Studies in Society and History, Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, Islamic Law and Society, Indonesia and the Malay World, Journal of Islamic Studies, and Die Welt des Islams.

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If a trigger event for Alghony occurs, the discount provision gives investors equity shares (or equal value in cash) at a reduced price

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Funding Goal

Alghony needs to raise $5K before the deadline. The maximum amount Alghony is willing to raise is $107K.


May 15, 2022
Alghony needs to reach their minimum funding goal before the deadline (May 15, 2022 at 2:59 AM EDT) If they do not, all investments will be refunded.

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Crowd SAFE
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Legal Name: Alghony LLC
Founded: October 26, 2021
Form: C
Employees: 2

Dr. Ismail Alatas

Chief Academic Officer

Tsamara Alatas

Chief Executive Officer, @TsamaraDKI



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