Changing a Campaign

Changing Terms of a Campaign

Yes, but as with any material change to Form C or the offering page, the law requires that Equity Portal notify investors who have committed to the offering and require them to reconfirm their investments. If an investor does not reconfirm her investment decision within 5 business days of a material change notice, the investment will be automatically cancelled, and funds will be returned.

If the funding goal has been reached prior to the deadline, an issuer may close the offering early. Notice about the new offering deadline must be provided at least five business days prior to that new deadline. If an investor does not cancel their investment before the 5-day period prior to the new offering deadline, the funds will be released to the issuer upon closing of the offering by the escrow agent. The investor will then receive securities in exchange for their investment from the issuer’s transfer agent.

Our mission is to make this new financing avenue as simple and transparent as possible for companies and investors together.