Deal Terms

The businesses on Equity Portal set the deal terms at which they sell their securities, and investors must accept them. Here are some explanations of some of these terms:

Funding Goal

Minimum Funding Goal – The minimum amount a business has to raise to close out a campaign. If the amount is not reached, the campaign is not successful, and therefore, all the funds are returned to investors. 

Maximum Funding Goal – The maximum amount a business is looking to raise. When this amount is reached, the campaign will close and, investors will receive their securities on our platform.


1. Each campaign has a start to end date.

2. An option to close early or extend, if their goal has already been reached

3. An option to do a rolling close.

  • A rolling close is seen when a company reaches its minimum raise goal before the deadline is over. The company can then decide to continue the campaign but use the funds that they have already raised. 

4. A cancellation deadline.

  • 48 hours before a campaign closes, investors are no longer able to cancel their investment. Any investment made after that time is non-refundable as well.
Minimum and Maximum Investment Amounts

Each company sets the minimum investment size they will accept during a campaign. Equity Portal allows companies to start as low as $10, but the typical minimum investment amount ranges between $25–$250. Companies can also choose to limit the maximum investment amount to allow more investors to participate.


Investing with Equity Portal means that each term comes with a SAFE agreement.

Terms of a SAFE: a SAFE is not the same as equity, rather a financial agreement that may provide investors with equity in the future, given that the terms are met. For example, whether a company reaches its goal valuation or has a series-round investment.


A Dividend is a distribution, based on equity owned, of cash (in Equity Portal’s case, annually) to the shareholders.