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A Prepid plan for Israeli educational experiences that locks in prices.

Rex Property Holdings Corp.

Making real estate more accessible through fractional ownership.
$180 min investment
  • 104.4%
    Percent Raised
  • $5,220.00

    Funds Raised
  • 89

    Days to go
Raised Percent :
Minimum amount is $180 Maximum amount is $ Invest


  • REX is a property holding and technology company that seeks to revolutionize how real estate markets function by making properties more accessible to buyers as well as to investors through the fractional ownership of shares.
  • REX purchases and holds properties that clients can lease-to-own. REX also makes a portion of each property holding available for trade on its private investment platform.
  • The REX Trading Marketplace will allow access to liquid real estate investments for all investors, with a low barrier of entry.
  • REX will generate revenue through the co-ownership and management of properties, as well as listing, platform and trading fees. Imagine a marketplace where real estate is traded like stocks, that is REX.

Deal Terms

Valuation Cap

The maximum valuation at which your investment converts into equity shares or cash.


If a trigger event for Israel Prepaid occurs, the discount provision gives investors equity shares (or equal value in cash) at a reduced price.

Minimum Investment

The smallest investment amount that Israel Prepaid is accepting.

Maximum Investment

No Max
The largest investment amount that Israel Prepaid is accepting.

Funding Goal

Israel Prepaid needs to raise $5K before the deadline. The maximum amount Israel Prepaid is willing to raise is $107K.


October 31, 2022
Israel Prepaid needs to reach its minimum funding goal before the deadline of October 31st, 2022 If they do not, all investments will be refunded.

Type of Security

Crowd SAFE
A SAFE allows an investor to make a cash investment in a company, with rights to receive certain company stock at a later date, in connection with a specific event.

Nominee Lead

Chief Executive Officer of Israeli Prepaid LLC
Will direct the Nominee on certain matters like voting, amendments and conversions affecting the security.
How it works


Equity Portal (Bananfina LLC, CRD Number 309121) is hosting this Reg CF securities offering by Israel Prepaid. View the official SEC filing and all updates.:

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Legal Name: Israeli Prepaid LLC
Founded: February 17, 2022
Form: C
Employees: 2

Eyal Goldenberg


Uri Goldenberg



Jonathan Farchi-Segal (Investor)

  May 25, 2022
First company on platform!!
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