Invest your cryptos.

Fee free Investing that gives the power back to the people. Investing in your community businesses is the best way to see the change you desire. Its different now. Crypto Currency payments are accepted on our platform. Join the waitlist to learn more!

Equity Portal is a marketplace for equity sales in the untapped world of non-cyclical businesses.


We focus on allowing users to invest their cryptos. It's the next step in the decentralization of investing.


Like you, Equity Portal is invested in each company listed. So were official co-investors!


Equity Portal creates access to investment opportunities geared at growing your community.


Equity Portal’s platform offers small businesses exposure to a larger consumer base.


Engage with your investors using the discussion board and see what they have to say.

Raise Capital

Equity Portal creates an alternative form of raising capital for small businesses.

For Investors

If you are would like to view our pitch deck, click below.

The Team.
Jonathan Farchi-Segal, CEO
Mateo Pugliese-Bassi, COO

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