How To Invest

1. Create your Investor Profile

It’s fast and easy. If you haven’t yet, sign up now.

2. Fill out the Registration

You are legally required to fill out all of your financial and personal information to be able to begin investing on our platform.

3. Review the Business

You must understand fully what the business you are investing in does, how it makes money, and whether or not you believe it can grow or not. 

It’s also imperative that you understand the risks involved with investing in general.

4. Decide on your Commitment

Once you have chosen your small business, you must decide how much you want to invest in it, decide the payment method, sign the legal information, and complete the transaction.

5. Monitor and Wait

You must monitor the business you have invested in. 

If the campaign raise is successful, meaning the company raised their goal amount, then you will receive the security and will now own equity in that business.

If the campaign raise is not successful, meaning the company did not manage to raise its goal amount, you will receive a full refund.

Further Information

Once your investment is complete, your funds will be held in an escrow account through our escrow service: Prime Trust, LLC.

You can cancel your investment 48 hours before the campaign closes. If you want to reduce your investment, you also have 48 hours before the campaign closes to make a change.

You can see the minimum funding amount has been met on the campaign page. Equity Portal will also notify you through email. If the campaign funding goal has been reached, the company may either: 

  • Decide to close the campaign. In this instance, the company must give investors at least 5 business days notice of their intention to close;
  • Notify investors of the intention to conduct a rolling close, which allows the company to draw funds and continue to accept investments; or
  • Continue without drawing down funds until the stated deadline.

If any material change occurs during the campaign, the business must notify investors, and those investors must re-confirm their commitments. 

If an investor does not re-confirm his or her investment within 5 business days after the notice is sent, Equity Portal will automatically cancel their commitment,  and their funds will be returned without interest or deductions.