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Check List


Ultimately, it is your decision regarding whether to make a Crowdfunding investment. The best way to feel comfortable that you are making the right decision, is to conduct your own research. Start by requesting information from the Company. You should seek independent legal, accounting and financial advice on your potential investment. If you still have questions or need additional information, you can ask direct questions of the Company in the discussion section. Learn More


Each investment on Equity Portal does not become final until up to 48 hours before the mandated deal deadline. Following the deadline, your investment becomes final, and you will not be permitted to receive a refund on your investment. Learn more


While Crowdfunding investments are highly speculative and each investment may result in a loss, there are also many benefits of Crowdfunding. Investing small amounts across multiple companies spreads out your risk and can reduce your losses. An investment in a single company limits your portfolio and places your investments success entirely on the performance of one company. Learn More

Limited Transfer

The securities that you acquire on Equity Portal are Federally regulated and subject to certain restrictions. These restrictions may make it difficult for you to transfer or sell your securities for the first 12 months after your acquisition. Additionally, there may also be state and foreign restrictions that serve to further limit the transferability of your securities. Some securities that you acquire may not allow a transfer altogether. Learn More


Investing is a risky proposition. It places your entire investment amount at risk, and you should only invest an amount you can afford to lose. When deciding whether to invest, you must be certain that in the event of the total loss of your investment, your lifestyle or well being will not be detrimentally altered. Learn more