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Our goal is to generate high returns for investors, grow and save businesses, and democratize private equity. 


OVID-19 hit tremendously hard for everyone and we want to give the people the easiest and smoothest path back to success. 

Equity Portal focuses on health care + maintenance to give you high earning yields with low default rates. The higher education levels of millennials and their love for investing in alternative securities is driving growth. 

Why now?

Since COVID-19, businesses are dying and banks aren’t lending.

Crowdfunding is growing at an estimated 6.7% CAGR which attributes to the JOBS Act and the increased interest in FinTech Services. The COVID pandemic has created a higher sense of risk adversity, giving us the perfect market entry point. 

Invest now, Worry Never
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Health Care

Private Medical, Dental, Orthodontial, psychiatrists, rehab facilities


hvac, plumbing, commercial landscaping, septic tank cleaning


school staffing agencies, pest control, waste disposal


school staffing agencies, pest control, waste disposal

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