How we differ.

ALL other crowdfudning portals are focused on making money for themselves. We can’t do. We invest in every company listed in our platform, meaning we make the most money, by a long haul, when our users do.
Investing in start ups is risky, so we don’t have startups on our platform. equityportal only lists established, and non-cyclical businesses to give our investors the consistent returns they deserve.

Why we built equityportal.

Private Equity provides amongst the highest and most consistent risk-adjusted returns in finance.

Only rich people (accredited) can invest in private equity. 

Private Equity is the best way for business owners to access cash without accumulating debt. Private equity is also a great way to take some chips off the table and reduce risk.

Small business owners are “too small” to be approached by a private equity group. 

By investing through equityportal, you are not only helping small businesses grow, you are growing along it.

Businesses we list


Doctor firms, primary care, dentists, orthodontists, psychiatric firma, and rehab facilities.


HVAC, plumbing, commercial landscaping, septic tank cleaning, and pest control.


Solid waste disposal, medical waste disposal, and school staffing agencies.

Who we are.

Jonathan Farchi-Segal

CEO | Small Business Enthusiast

Mateo Pugliese-Bassi

COO | Financial Technology Advocate


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