How it works

Invest with Change, Invest with Purpose

What We Offer


We find Startups

We find startups we want to invest in.

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We do our due dillegence

We make sure that the company fits our standards.



We invest in the company, and give you the opportunity to invest in it too.

What Makes Us Different?

We focus on college startups. 

What Do You Get?

When you invest in a company listed on Equity Portal’s platform, you receive an interest in the company, in the form of a security.

A security is a tradable financial asset, and in this case, an equitable agreement between you and the company you have decided to invest in. 

Returns on Investment

A SAFE provides investors with the right to future equity in the company if only certain triggering events occur. 

Dividends are an annual payment of cash that corresponds to the equity owned by the individual in relation. To the equity outstanding as a whole.

How much can I invest?

Per U.S. law, you are only allowed to invest up to a certain amount every 12 months across all investment crowdfunding campaigns. These include investments outside of Equity Portal.

Your limit is automatically calculated based on your income and net worth when you create an Equity Portal investor profile. You will be asked to update this information each year and to confirm it every time you invest.

Equity Portal's Commission

Investing on the Equity Portal platform is free for Investors.

Equity Portal may collect cash fees generally between 2-10% of the total amount raised by the company. Equity Portal may also collect an equity fee generally between 2-10% of equity sold, in the same type of security that was offered to investors on Equity Portal.

Equity Portal may compensate companies and individuals,”Promoters” , who have successfully referred a business to Equity Portal with a cash award typically between 0-$20,000 USD.