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Social layer of the meta verse

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  • We’re solving is the Geosocial Chasm – we can’t see around us in real-time so we miss out on experiences we care about (friends, live-trending spots, events) and stay glued to couches & screens. This is because photo/video sharing is still too analog – we can’t capture or and thus share the geo-spatial context of our live experiences and memories.


  • Ubiq is a geosocial app that shows us what’s happening around us by housing our live experiences & memories in a 3D digital twin of the real world. Think Google Earth in real time or Pokemon Go for real life – we’re building the social layer of the metaverse.


  • This is a $100B space growing at 20% a year; there are no direct competitors. We are at the intersection of visual social networks (Instagram, Snap, TikTok, BeReal, Facebook) and immersive 3D platforms (Roblox, Minecraft, Fortnite, PUBG, Pokemon GO). Though there is no direct competition, we compete for mindshare with platforms like these and others.


  • Our pre-MVP beta with 5,000 users in NYC resulted in a $1>CAC, 25% 6-month retention, and 1,000 monthly engagements/user, demonstrating a proof of concept. 


  • We will reach MVP in by Nov. 2022 and splash launch in NYC focusing on NYU and CUNY college students (skew female). We expect to reach 100K MAU in NYC by Sep of 2023, which will position us to begin generating revenue and raise a Series A


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