Why Crowdfund?

Why is Crowdfunding Beneficial?

A Crowdfunding Campaign aligns the economic interests of a company and its fans. It forms a network and a bond that encourages continued loyalty and support in ways that a one-time purchase or donation cannot. Investment crowdfunding can be an effective tool to finance your business operation while building a community of brand ambassadors and loyal customers. Operating capital and customer loyalty are key ingredients for success. The Network Effect which is a very common positive of crowdfunding, ultimately becomes one of our platform’s primary benefits. Your Investors will have their friends and their friends learning about your business, and hopefully, helping you grow.

Companies should provide complete and transparent information so that the public can make informed investment decisions.

Incorrect or misleading information comes with severe legal consequences. In addition to the following, you should also consult your attorneys and accountants to ensure full compliance with all legal and accounting requirements. Equity Portal as a funding portal is not authorized to and does not provide legal, accounting, or investment advice.